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Our Projects
'True Peace Is Not The Absence of Tension, It Is The Presence of Justice'

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Helping outOur Projects Include

  • Emergency Relief
  • Providing food and clean water
  • Education
  • Mobile clinics
  • Sponsorships
  • Sheltering and feeding
  • Family Relief

Emergency Relief - Online Donation

Wars, drought, floods and other disasters are divesting for any country especially so for the poorest of countries.

The effect leaves people traumatized by the loss of loved ones and homes and a life time of possessions.

Peace by Peace aims to respond swiftly by providing the essential emergency relief.

Food & Water Supplies

Clean water is essential for health. But over 30 percent of the world s population do not have access to it, with your generous donations and help we aim to open water wells in the most needed areas, and to educate people how to maintain and take care of their water supplies. We also aim to help local farmers grow for themselves by providing expert assistance and tools.


Education provides a future for children and adults, Peace by Peace aims to provide education assistance and facilities to the poor and needy. We aim to:

  • To help with the opening of new schools
  • Sponsoring existing school and teachers
  • Provide stationary


Ophans Sponsorship ProjectOur sponsorship activities include sponsoring orphans, sponsoring medical treatment and education sponsorship for a child. Peace by Peace is working actively to make the lives of suffering and poor more bearable.

Increasing hardship, innumerable diseases have rendered a large number of poor people destitute with little resources for survival.

Families Relief

We are committed to continue doing every thing we possibly can to bring some kind of relieve to the poor people and to let them know they are not alone and they have people who still care as the family is the heart of society.

Peace by Peace supports as many families as possible who would be unable to survive due to unemployment or disability of their parents. These families are supported long term and short term according to their requirements.

Please donate to Peace by Peace and lets make the world a bertter place.

“Racism...the Affliction; Education...the Prescription; Knowledge...the Cure”